The Birthday Party  "I Thought Growing Older Would Take Longer"


The title says it all. “The Birthday Party. I Thought Growing Older Would Take Longer.” This is the second cheese drying box. For this piece I kept the screened walls and removed the center shelf. The ceiling is lined with moss, dried from my backyard and interspersed with tiny lights and crystals. The plates are hand painted china. and the tablecloth is one of my botanical scans printed on silk fabric. The chain of beads along the table came from a vintage necklace that broke a in a car accident. It is sentimental. As I get older time is something I am very aware of and know it is not forever. My idea when I started building this room was for it to be a version of the Last Supper but could not fit all the participants in and scaled it down to be more like a Last Lunch complete with pastries, petit fours and cake!