It's A Matter Of Time

 Time Flies #2 is constructed in a handmade bird cage from the 40’s-50’s. It is very cleverly made with special latches at the base so the bottom will release to clean the floor of the cage. The door to the cage is spring loaded so there will be no escapees! This was one of a pair found in the same place as the Ingraham clock face.  I bought both but have only built this one. It has been my most challenging construction because it all had to be done from the bottom up as my hand was just able to squeeze through the spring loaded door with tweezers!  I was inspired when at a miniature show I spotted the cat trying to get the goldfish in front of the fireplace. The taxidermied birds added to the tension. The San Francisco title frame came from the Marin Flea no longer in San Francisco. I was told it came from the San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exposition in the Palace of Fine Arts in 1915. It was built to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal and show the world San Francisco had recovered from the earthquake and devastating fire of 1906. I don’t know if  the history of the little frame is accurate, and it never mattered to me. I loved the golden bear and size of it. The cat portraits are printed on vellum so when back lit they look like slides.