Susan S. Barmon grew up in New York and has been telling stories through photographic portraiture most of her adult life.

Ms. Barmon was educated at Syracuse University School of Art and The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, Ga., where she studied photojournalism with Dennis Carlyle Darling. Her career has encompassed retail and editorial art direction and location photography. A move to San Francisco presented her with the opportunity to photograph “The Littlest Cowboys” Jr. Rodeo portrait series, and begin “The Millennium” series. Both have been shown nationwide, and won several major awards. She began her “Drive By Shooting” series in 2006. It is being shown and is ongoing, as is her portrait work.  Ms. Barmon's photographic series and stories are on this site on the SLICE OF LIFE pages.

In 2005 Ms. Barmon entered the digital world with her botanical scans featured on this site. The images have been shown extensively, are licensed and published, and are in private collections as limited editions.