This series began in the late 90’s as a new millennium was on the horizon. The media was predicting doom and gloom because, according the the “experts,”computers were not programmed to roll over their calenders into a new century. At the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, society as we knew it was going to hell in a hand basket. It was definitely food for thought for me. I was fascinated by the constant media drumbeat and started writing essays to go along with the photographs I was making during this time. I had 100% negatives made of the essays using what ever layout I had designed, combining them with the photographs, to produce one photographic image, all done in my darkroom pre Photoshop. Now that computers are commonplace and we are safely into the next century, I am producing the images digitally.

The images have been shown in The Atlanta Photography Group Shows, Finn Bara Salon and chosen by Duane Michaels for inclusion in The Benham Studio Gallery show in Seattle , Wa.

Prints for purchase, image size  11 x 14 printed on 11x14 luster paper signed and unframed $125 each Contact me at for ordering I can take Paypal, Applepay or check.

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